Flashcards & Coloring Book
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Flashcards & Coloring Book

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Flashcards designed to promote basic emotional competence, self-awareness, and increase exposure to languages used on the African continent and Diaspora.

30+ unique prompts encourage curiosity, compassion, and empathy!

30 culturally relevant images that reflect the African diaspora. 4.25 in. x 5.75 in.

30 emotions translated into languages spoken throughout the diaspora. Phonetic guide included.

Kiswahili/English edition

Coloring Book 

This coloring book engages our creative selves while incorporating essential emotional vocabulary, coping skills, and invites sustainable practices for mental wellness. 

"Family, You Alright?” is a brand that helps you communicate better, utilizes images that offers representation for all hues of melanated peoples, offers prompts for courageous conversations, and expands identity with languages of the African diaspora.